Have you ever struggled to explain a difficult concept in physics? Have you wanted to do an experiment in class for which you did not have the equipment? Do you find yourself wanting to demonstrate a principle but you simply don't have the time to set the equipment up? Do you want to let your pupils experiment for themselves what happens when a particular parameter is varied but you fear they might break something? Do you need some additional investigations for some of your brighter pupils to do while the rest of the class continues their set work? With the Virtual Physical Laboratory you can solve all of the above problems and more. From basic measurements to mass spectrometers, from simple graphs to quantum physics the Virtual Physical Laboratory (now in Version 10) has approximately 300 interactive experiments which have been used successfully in the classroom by teachers as well as by pupils individually. The programs have been written to support the specifications of both the UK Physics GCSE, AS and A2 but have been used successfully in schools all around the world (UK, India, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Nepal, Canada...) The Simulations page gives a list of all the available experiments you can do and the list continues to grow.